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Travel Risk Management – Secure Transport

We provide our clients with affordable but comprehensive travel risk management strategies for themselves and their employees during relocation, expansion, or travel to facilities throughout the World. In addition, we will provide you & all your employees a detailed overview of the host nation that will increase yours and their knowledge of personal safety and awareness of local customs and traditions. We will also respond swiftly to provide you & all employees with professional medical, legal, and logistical support during emergency situations.

Overseas travel of executives and employees is inherently risky because it places these employees in unfamiliar and/or disadvantageous environments. If travellers come to harm, their employers face potentially severe consequences both legally and financially, as well as to their reputation. Understanding and mitigating risks is extremely important for both traveling employees and their employers.

  • Security Briefings
  • Journey Management
  • Secure Transportation
  • Embedded Security Consultants
  • Security Drivers
  • Emergency Evacuations
  • Medical Response Teams
  • Airport / Hotel Meet & Greet
  • Translators
  • On Board Security
  • Armed Escort Vessel
  • Maritime Security


Our Meet and Greet | Secure Transportation Services provide business travellers with customized security and logistical support before and during their official travel throughout the World. Our affordable prices and customized services will provide our clients with a team of bilingual and Multilingual area experts who will coordinate their entire trip from pre-travel arrangements to making sure that their airport arrival/departures are low-profile, provide secure transportation handled by our team of highly trained protection specialists, arrange hotel accommodations, tour guides, restaurants, special events, concierge services, and any other logistical need.

Our security professionals will draw up regional situation advisories, will conduct route analysis and reconnaissance prior to our client’s arrival, and will create a contingency plan for every conceivable possibility to safeguard our corporate clients who need discreet, high-level protection services.

Air Transport

Our company provides the most secure private aviation services in the industry.

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Ground Transport

Whether traveling for business or pleasure your customized secure transport experience can be fulfilled.

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Maritime Transport

Our recognized partner is leader in Maritime Security and provides security to the highest standards in all 7 seas for any Vessel.

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