About Us

Who we are:

Some companies are different!

We are a Private Office that will favor your path by bringing new energy, new opportunity and clever solutions.

JJC Elite Private Office Services Ltd., has a Team operating under an ethical business conduct code, having all the skills and problem solving aptitudes to plan out just what you need and when you need it.
We provide each customer, with our unique blue chip brand of innovative and individually tailored services & superior products.

Our Private Office business role,  is to ensure that we understand and answer every aspect of our clients’ needs and requirements to help determine which path to take.

Our intimate knowledge is focused within the four key market areas of AviationSecurityFinance, & Property, where our goal is to help our customers to achieve theirs!



Our role is to move a global selection of silent, discreet and non-public; Aircraft & Helicopter assets of Operators, Banks, Private & Corporate clients.
By operating under an ethical business conduct code, we are committed to protect the privacy and interests of all our customers & stakeholders and assure a successful transaction by strong policies & procedures.


Security & Protection

Strategic thinking Security, Safety and Protection company with a specialized security division that works only with innovative companies, organisations, institutions and individuals capable of translating our private & corporate client’s objectives into actionable outcomes, anticipate and identify potential weaknesses to provide subsequently match solutions focused in key market areas: Offensive and Defensive Security Services and Products
Of course, we can’t claim to mitigate all circumstances, but together we make our clients’ lives much safer and happier.


Financial Services

With our international network, support of key platforms and strong relationships with regulated and authorized (FCA) partners, we are able to engineer, source and introduce you to extraordinary, superior and creative solutions for Business & Project Financing-Funding, Wealth Enhancement and International Business Services that surpass the norm.


Property Investments

Being a proven trendsetter for over 20 years in the international private & commercial real estate sector, we have innovative and seamless uniquely designed processes for the acquisition and sale beyond borders.



Our vision, mission and purpose is to inspire, grow, protect and connect with our customers, by making each customers priorities our own and delivering superior value.

We continually strive to offer that elusive perfect Private Service to all our customers with a valuable balance of discretion, quality, integrity, understanding, efficiency, trust & respect always at the forefront of our aims.

Because best does not have to be biggest, but walks new path´s following true facts.

That’s the way we continue to build our business, that’s what sets us apart from other companies.


What is next?

Whether you need help determining which path to take, clear clouded perceptions, require new opportunities or clever solutions, we are ready to help & inspire you to achieve your goal.

Contact us now to favour your path and start our new journey together.

You’ll know straight away just how different we really are!



JJC Elite Private Office Services Ltd.
Office: +44 20 32 39 70 80 / Mobile: +350 54 01 96 77 / Encrypted Call (Silent Circle): jjcepos / Skype: jjc.epos / Encrypted Mail: info@jjc-epos.com
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