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Golden Visa

Golden Visa – EU Residency

JJC offers Investors the option to obtain a Golden Visa – EU Residency (EU Schengen Residency permit to non-EU nationals) by an investment of minimum 500.000 € + 10 % buying costs (Mortgage for the rest of the amount above 500.000 € is permitted) in Real Estate if the conditions are met.

If Investment requirements are still met, this Investment Golden Visa – EU Residency (Schengen area) can be renewed every 2 years, after 5 years a permanent residency can be requested and after 10 years citizenship.

For Non-EU Residency (Panama, Vanuatu or Other), please Contact Us.


The requirements for the Investor Golden Visa – EU Residency are:

  • Investment a minimum of 500.000 €.
  • Non-EU national.
  • Investor must have the legal age of 18 years or older.
  • Proof of a clean international criminal record.
  • No refusal of previous entry or visa application of the EU – Schengen.
  • Full coverage private medical insurance.
  • Bank statements that prove sufficient income.


The Facts:

  • Investment from 500.000 € upwards.
  • Full family residency (Husband & Wife & Children under 18).
  • Not obliged to reside – Flexible, however needs to have proof of having travelled to Spain at least 1 time during the time of the Visa.
  • Permanent residency from 5 years onwards and is obliged to stay at least 6 months per year in Spain.
  • Citizenship from 10 years.


Before your Visit:

You need to apply in your home country for an EU – Schengen visitor Visa in order to come and visit Us in Spain.

JJC will guide and help you to select the most appropriate area and property type for your Investment following your needs;

  • Your private use
  • Rental income
  • Capital Growth
  • Lifestyle
  • Business needs
  • Other needs

1. Apply for your Visitor Visa for Spain.
2. Make your property selection with JJC.


Your Visit:

Meet and greet with JJC and your introduction to our art of quality service.

  1. View the carefully selected properties with JJC and/or with our trusted partners.
  2. Meet with lawyers and grant a Power of Attorney (POA).
  3. Open a “non-resident” bank account.


After your Visit:

If not yet done during your stay in Spain, you’ll need to do the transfer of funds for your Lawyer, Property purchase deposit, Agency fee once returned in your home country.

  1. Your Lawyer’s initial funding.
  2. The property deposit (+/- 10 % of the property value) to secure the by you selected property.
  3. Agency fee.

Done all the above points, your lawyer can now take care of the completion of the property purchase, which normally takes 2-3 months.

Once the completion of the property purchase done and within 60 days after your property purchase, your lawyer will then take care of your visa application, which takes an additional +/- 10 days.
For more information or to start all arrangements and accompany you into the next chapter of your life story.


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