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Worldwide Loan Rate by Country

CountryInflationGDPInterest RateCurrencyLast Updated
Germany2.2%34,3881.07%EURJun 2018
Netherlands2.3%39,8771.20%EURFeb 2018
Switzerland0.4%40,4841.28%CHFFeb 2018
United Kingdom2%34,3881.59%GBPAug 2019
Taiwan1.6%31,7761.65%~3.54%TWDFeb 2018
Singapore4.6%50,1801.85%SGDAug 2019
Sweden2.5%35,9511.99%SEKFeb 2018
United States1.5%45,9342.125%USDMay 2021
Hong Kong5%45,277*2.15%HKDJun 2018
Poland4%18,837*2.29%PLNJun 2018

Globally deposit rates are products provided and offered by banks to let consumers save for an agreed period time for a fixed interest rate. Contrasting to central bank rates, deposit rates can influence consumers and their investments in other asset classes, while the central bank rates may effect what rates banks may set. A high or low deposit rate for a country can be indicative of the performance of the economy which could be very high because of high inflation. ​

* Note: Using 2009 IMF figures for (GDP) at purchasing power parity (PPP) per capita.

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