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Risk – Threat Management

As you may be aware of recent trends and developments throughout the World; kidnappings, missing person reports, and violent crime between criminal gangs over disputed territory are on the rise once again fuelled by impunity, police inefficiency and corruption. These criminal groups are now targeting mid-level executives and foreign travellers who provide low-risk opportunities for quick financial gain. These organized crime groups are also selecting particular industries as targets for infiltration and the exercise of illicit influence that can provide safe havens to conduct their money laundering transactions or to conduct violent criminal acts against their executives.

This continuing and increasing threat of organized crime against private corporations Worldwide presents a serious challenge for your organization and your personnel who view their workplace as safe sanctuaries where nothing can happen. Understanding those risks and preparing your employees to avoid those conditions on the ground has to be a priority as part of your international growth strategy.

Our team of experts have impressive infrastructure protection, investigative, corporate security, executive protection and legal backgrounds with military, federal and state law enforcement agencies, corporate law firms, and Fortune 500 Companies and are available to consult with your organization and provide comprehensive solutions. Our methodology will assist your organization to access, understand, monitor, make strategic/proactive decisions, mitigate risks, protect your employees against criminal acts, and be able to operate in this challenging and highly competitive corporate environment.

  • Cyber Threat Protection & Responds
  • Intelligence and Counter-Intelligence
  • Corporate Analysis
  • Kidnapping and Extortion Prevention & Management
  • Crisis Management and Response
  • Risk & Threat Assessments
  • Overseas Assessments
  • Private client & Family Security
  • Corporate Legal Services
  • Evacuation Teams
  • Bug Sweeps / TSCM Forensic Surveys
  • Armed Vessel Security
  • Maritime Security

Cyber Risk

Cyber Threat Protection and Responds.

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Business Risk

We offer comprehensive investigative and research services to individuals, corporations.

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Intelligence  – Mission Support 

Experienced Intelligence Analysts & Mission Controllers within your reach.

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