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Who We Are 

JJC Security is a specialist division of JJC Elite Private Office Services. Centred in Gibraltar, our global connections enable us to provide incomparable and unlimited security services reaching across all continents. We recognise that, in today’s world, the availability of additional security can put the minds at rest of every individual, every organisation, whether that be on a singular occasion or on an ongoing basis. The personal and unmatchable expertise of our operators has helped us gain an unparalleled reputation for 24/7 security and protection so that our portfolio now contains a myriad of security activities for individuals, families, companies and corporations.

The services we offer are as diverse as the security and protection field itself. They cover such an enormously wide spectrum that to summarise here would not do justice to the kaleidoscope of facilities we offer. No aspect of security is outside our radar, whether it involves travel, transport, prevention, response, training or management.

Confidentiality, experience, and specific expertise to match each and every situation are our keynotes. Every solution we offer is tailor-made and every client is treated with the highest possible level of dignity, discretion and sensitivity. There are no barriers to the range of services JJC Security provides and you can always be sure that the personnel allocated have in-depth knowledge to suit the assignment and the location in which they are required to operate.

All telephone and email communications are encrypted to guarantee your privacy and security. We respond swiftly to all enquiries and total integrity is absolutely assured, so you can openly discuss any level of security, any mission with us regardless of its complexity.

At JJC Security, no aspect of security or protection is out of bounds for us or for our clients. Journey now to JJC. Allow us to introduce you to an altogether new and refreshingly different security experience.


JJC Security Network:

  • Global Governmental agencies
  • Global Law enforcement agencies
  • Global Military counter-intelligence teams
  • Global Corporate security divisions
  • International Corporations
  • Global informants
  • More than 30 international full-service support centers.


JJC Security Staff:

  • Excellent professional qualifications
  • High standards of ethical behavior
  • Extensive operational experience
  • Bilingual and polyglots
  • Mixture of different nationalities (Confidential nucleus – Director of Operations = European)
  • Mixture of different religious believes
  • Mixture of different sexual preferences


Industries we serve:

  • Major Corporations & Multinational Companies (Oil and Gas, Manufacturing, Pharma and Medical,Transportation, Metals and Mining, Renewable Energy, Telecommunications)
  • Hospitality & Travel (Hotels and Resorts, Travel Companies, Private Aviation, Sponsors, Concierge Companies,Event Management, Talent Agencies)
  • High-Net Worth & Private Clients (Wealth Managers, Family Offices, Private Investors, Law Firms, Executives,Asset Protection Managers)
  • Corporate Finance & Banking (Mergers and Acquisitions, Venture Capital, Investment Banking, Insurance Underwriters, Private Equity Firms)
  • Security Directors
  • Investors
  • Human Resources Managers
  • Top Government Officials
  • Public Safety Officials


JJC Elite Private Office Services Ltd.
Office: +44 20 32 39 70 80 / Mobile: +350 54 01 96 77 / Encrypted Call (Silent Circle): jjcepos / Skype: jjc.epos / Mail: info@jjc-epos.com
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