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Investment Presentation Services

Our expert officers & technicians know what is required and are able to help you to turn good ideas into successful investment presentations that will improve your eligibility & success with funders, financiers or grantors.

Our experts go beyond the industry standards to guide you true the process, to find the best approach, mechanisms and assistance for you to obtaining the information required.
We work together with you to identify, assess, measure, create, implement and prepare all aspects of your income-generating or non-income-generating Feasibility Study, Project Investment Proposal, Business Model Canvas, Business Executive Summary & Business Plan to become successful while sourcing capital, investment, finance, funding or grants from either the public or private sector.


Type of services:

  • Feasibility Study
  • Asset Valuation
  • Project Investment Proposal
  • Business Model Canvas
  • Business Executive Summary
  • Business Plan


We translate your ideas into a substantial Investment Proposal!



Who is our service for?

All who have a good project idea, but find it difficult to convert their ideas into a substantial investment proposal.
We know and understand that it is often difficult to have your staff and local population to acquire the knowledge required to find the best approach, mechanisms, create and prepare a successful socially responsible and financially sustainable Investment proposal.

  • Private Business People
  • Start-up corporations
  • Expanding or restructuring Companies
  • Project Principals
  • Project Managers
  • Asset Owners


What do we cover?

Subject to the service you contract us for, we have the expertise to cover multiple aspects and use various approaches tailored to your project and specific requirements for the type of capital you want to attract.

  • Project Description, Objectives & Use of Funds
  • Project Location (Regulations & Authorizations)
  • Investment climate (Humanitarian development, business environment, political stability, Governance & Rule of law, Economic stability, innovation,..)
  • Market Analysis (Risk, Impact, etc..)
  • Feasibility study & Asset Valuation
  • Competition & Strategic partners
  • Investment pillars (Procurements, Sales and others)
  • Sustainability (Governance, Financial, Environmental)
  • Environmental Aspects (Renewable energy, Impact & Mitigation, etc..)
  • Humanitarian Aspects
  • Gender Equality & Youth Participation
  • Health & Safety aspects
  • Training & schooling of staff
  • Project direct & indirect Beneficiaries
  • Technological Aspects
  • Investment & Project Guarantees
  • Communication & Visibility
  • Marketing strategy
  • Financial plan (Economic Indicators, P&L, Drawdown & Repayment schedules, etc..)
  • Exit strategy
  • And much more….


If you want a quote to contract our services, do not wait any longer to contact us in confidence and ask our highly qualified officers to contact, register and assist you immediately.



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